“Built with Integrity.”
You can say that when it is backed up with more than 20 years and 700 projects worth of experience. You can say that when your dedication to quality, schedule, safety and customer satisfaction is your passion. Because integrity is the very foundation of our business, MBD Construction has been exposed to a wide range of opportunities, creating tremendous diversity in our project portfolio. Our diversity is threefold: in the types of projects we build, the size of projects we tackle and the geographic footprint that we serve.

MBD Construction’s experience includes hospitals and medical facilities, office buildings and corporate headquarters, churches and schools, multifamily residential projects and condominiums, historic renovations, restaurants, retail centers, parking garages, hotels and distribution facilities.

We are a nimble, low-overhead contractor with a record of success in projects small and large. We have performed work in all four corners of the U.S. and numerous points between.

MBD is not your average general contractor. Excellence is not just our goal, it’s our commitment. Our management staff, many of whom have 15 or more years of experience with our firm, are aggressively involved in getting our clients’ projects from the drawing board to the ribbon-cutting ceremony to beyond the warranty period. We don’t just sign contracts, we form relationships. Relationships that are “Built with Integrity.” Our clients know that when they need results, MBD performs.

Building Value
The most important result that MBD Construction produces for every client is a project completed under budget. We accomplish this through an in-house program called “MBD Multi-task Budget Development.” By combining our extensive experience with a database that includes a wide range of project costs, we determine the most efficient means and methods of achieving the goals of the design team and the owner. We join the team at the initiation of the design and create detailed budgets at each step of the plan development. MBD Construction has also invested in advanced technology that enables our estimating department to access the most competitive pricing. This is a critical factor in not only meeting but beating our clients’ budgets.

By providing such detailed information, we empower an owner with the ability to make priority decisions throughout the design process, ultimately resulting in a project that best serves his needs and fits his budget.

In describing our renovation of the Jackson building in downtown Baton Rouge for ABMB Engineers’ corporate headquarters, Gary Gilbert of Coleman and Partners Architects said it best: “Making MBD a part of the team at the early stage in the process helped to maintain the schedule, keep the budget under control, and provide a source for input of construction solutions in a way that traditional design/bid/build efforts could not have.”

No Surprises
In the traditional bid process, where an owner may solicit numerous bids and where budget development is not utilized, it is not uncommon for projects to come in over budget. When projects are over budget, there is not only additional cost for redesign, but also added time to the project.

There is a better way. The MBD way. Complete transparency. What does that mean? It means we share the detailed cost information, including subcontractor and vendor costs, material and equipment, labor and burden, overhead and profit. All the information. Every number. Every time. With complete transparency the owner knows where he is with costs at all times. Surprises are eliminated.

By maximizing the efficiency of the design process and “nailing the budget,” we also reduce the time involved in getting to groundbreaking, thereby reducing the owner’s carrying cost—and, ultimately, increasing his profitability. And the best part is we provide this service free to our clients.

Built with Integrity
Every building completion has a success story, but some are more profound than others.

In Baton Rouge, six weeks prior to our completion of the $13.5 million Winbourne Elementary School, a violent lightning strike set the building on fire—a fire that 47 firemen fought for more than five hours. Within minutes, our management staff was onsite. Even as the building was still smoldering, the message was clear and concise: We would rebuild and repair the damage, and the school would open as scheduled. An incredible team effort involving the MBD staff and quality subcontractors accomplished that goal. The new school opened as planned, so students were able to attend their first day there as scheduled.

In Prairieville, through strategic scheduling and aggressive management, MBD Construction was able to expedite the construction schedule for the new 75,000-square-foot Lakeside Primary Elementary School. All the efforts paid dividends as the project was finished a month and a half ahead of schedule.

In Lafayette, our experienced management team was instrumental in value-engineering the $17 million Bridgeway Apartment Complex. We strategically phased the construction so that the owner was able to put the initial buildings into commerce before the entire project was complete, collecting revenues in advance of his projection.

Stories like these are the reason you can trust us when we say your building and our relationship will be “Built with Integrity.” We guarantee it, MBD performs.